Sunday, October 5, 2008

Learning from Cactus Pheasant

In my business, I get a lot of folks who ask me who they can get more coverage for their bonspiels, both big and small. The local club spiel wants some mention in the Ontario Curling Report and the bigger events would like the Globe to cover it.
Well if those folks took a page from the gang at the Cactus Pheasant Classic, they’d be a lot better off. Those guys do the best job at promoting their event and creating awareness (outside of something like the CCA or the WCT who have staff to do that) than anyone in curling. I think I’ve received half a dozen releases already, including one this week about the band Chilliwack playing at the big bash.
Now I haven’t been to this event, probably couldn’t even find Brooks on a map, but I will be looking for the results of this event, following it online as best I can.
In this era of cutbacks and consolidation to the media, you have to be aggressive in promoting your event. Give the press gang as much info as you can – sure some of it won’t make it past the Delete button, but you have a better chance of getting coverage if the writers and broadcasters know about it.

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