Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Curlers on Facebook

One of the most interesting developments on the curling front over the summer came not on the ice or the CCA boardroom or in planning for the Grand Slam.
No, this summer curlers – at least those of a certain vintage as well as a media interloper – found Facebook. Yup, over the course of the summer some of the Legends of the Game began to get ‘booked and then search out friends. Actually I have been on there for a while and I’m sure some of the others have too, but there was this flurry of friend requests between everyone.
So now I’m friends with Al Hackner and Randy Ferbey and Pat McCallum and Guy Hemmings and Don Bartlett and Neil Harrison and more.
And thanks to all this, of course, you get to know really cool stuff. Like that Ferbey was off building a deck at the end of September. And that Guy’s home page picture is that of a monkey who seems to have the same hair stylist as the real Guy. I saw some amazing pics of the fish that Hack caught this summer. You know, real hard core newsy stuff.
I also know that Podcaster extraordinaire Dean Gemmell has a virus because I keep getting these messages from him saying he knows someone who has a big crush on me. Earlier this summer, Patti Lank sent me the same message and I was foolish enough to think that she really did know someone who was warm for my form. Oops.
Now I’m sure that some of the younger curlers out there are cringing when they read this, realizing just how low-tech some of us are. Ya, I know, welcome to the 1990s. So what? We’re having fun.


TCN said...

"Warm for my form"...!


Dean Gemmell said...

Damn. I thought I had finally rid myself of that virus. Interesting how it's all the over-40's who are fooled by these things — the kids are too smart or just aren't as desperate as us to have, to paraphrase you, someone who is warm for their form.

By the way, you had the fortunes of the Tiger-less U.S. Ryder Cup team exactly right, didn't you?

Rowdy Scotty Pfeif said...

By Ferbey saying he built a deck at the end of September probably meant he was going to watch somebody else build a deck at the end of September :)