Sunday, February 24, 2008

Scotties - final thoughts

As my Globe column will point out on Monday, this wasn’t the best of games when it comes to shotmaking, but it was definitely an entertaining match. Some thoughts:

* What a time for Amy Nixon to throw a mediocre game. She was easily the best player all week, but not in the final. Her triple in 10 was about the only decent shot she had all game. She missed more shots Sunday than the rest of the week combined. Or it seemed like that anyway.

* While she missed some shots, she seemed to also miss the sweeping call on that final rock. I’m still trying to understand why they were sweeping it. I read in Al Cameron’s blog that Kleibrink swears the shot backed up near the end. I don’t buy it – she’s just protecting Nixon.

* That wasn’t the only missed sweeping call either. The Alberta team was brutal with the brushes. None was worse than the eighth end when three extra licks would have given them shot on that corner freeze.

* Listening to the broadcast, it’s interesting to note how many times what Joan thinks is a perfect shot, Mike believes is only a good shot. I tend to agree more with Mike’s assessment.

* Wow – I haven’t seen Brent Syme in a long time, didn’t realize he was the Alberta coach. He’s playing in a different weight class these days than when he was winning the world championship with Ed Lukowich as a flyweight but I love his coaching thoughts when I heard them. It’s none of this pussy-footing around – he tells them what the right shot is and why.

* Jennifer Jones is going to be leaving her opponents raise-back doubles for the rest of her life – two games, two tries, two misses, two stolen wins.

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Winter Patriot said...

It's hard to believe you blogged the entire tournament without ever mentioning Michelle Englot.