Sunday, February 10, 2008

Great Quotes And Purple Heart Day

As mentioned in the past, I'm hoping to draw upon the great talents of curlers who read this blog as I write my next curling book. Today, I'm asking you to search your memory banks to come up with what you think are the best quotes in curling.
My favourite is Colleen Jones saying who women will have to curl naked in order to get some attention as a result of going back to separate world championships.
Any others strike you? Please either post them here in the comments section or drop me a line at


Today they'll hand out the Purple Hearts in Ontario and if you were a betting man/woman, you'd probably chose Glenn Howard over Peter Corner. But both are playing well. Corner has a veteran team with John Base, Phil Loevenmark and Paul Moffatt. They're unlikely to be intimidated. They won the first Page game (by the way, Glenn Howard probably likes the Page today; most of the time, he doesn't favour it) when Howard was awful. Can they beat him twice? That's a tough, tough job for sure.

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Dean Gemmell said...

1983 Brier — the first time the CCA put the mikes on curlers. Eddie tells Paul they can "...sweep the piss out of it." Mild by today's standards of public discourse but it was a hit at the time. I remember people at the Brier party at our house roaring.

I liked it when Jeff Stoughton said, "I'd rather play for money than badges."