Thursday, February 7, 2008

How Good is Glenn?

How freakin’ good is Glenn Howard’s team?
That’s a rhetorical question I’m sure a lot of curling teams have asked over the last few years. But the reigning world champs are cutting a pretty wide swath through the Ontario championships this week. Not only is the team 6-0 so far – they haven’t even gone 10 ends yet.
Now with the exception of Peter Corner, they haven’t faced the meat of the meat of the field yet. They still have games against Middaugh (Thursday night) and Harris (Friday night) along with the upstart Lobel squad (currently 4-2) on Friday afternoon.
But really, these guys are something else. When you rate the top teams of the last 20 years, I think you have to start making a case to put this rink near the top of that list. For me, the best team I’ve ever seen was probably Russ Howard’s team that included Glenn, Middaugh and Corner. Ferbey also has to be in there too. And my own list would probably have Pat Ryan’s ’88-’89 rinks and Werenich’s 1983 squad (although that’s outside of my 20-year window).
All of these teams just made it look so easy it was silly. Glenn’s doing that now. Right now I’m not wondering if he’s going to win the Ontario title – I’m wondering if anyone can last 10 ends with them.

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