Tuesday, March 18, 2014

OCA board calls its own Special General Meeting with very limited agenda

If you thought the actions of the OCA board couldn't get any stranger, well. . . Here's the latest bizarre chapter for this crazy group. 

First it turned down the request for a Special General Meeting made by a group of zone reps, saying it wasn't in compliance with the Corporations Act.

Then it ignored (so far) the call for a meeting made by current vice-president Dale Curtis, which is slated for April 27. Under the constitution that meeting, by the way, still needs to be held. 

Now the current OCA board has called its own Special General Meeting for March 30 at Annandale Golf and Curling Club. 

On one hand I guess we can be thankful they're calling a meeting. On the other hand, it's just a whole bunch of arrogance to ignore the first two requests for a meeting and call your own.

Oh, the other thing? The agenda sent out has a very limited number of topics. Here it is:

1.  Call to Order, Welcome and Explanation of Meeting Protocol                                                                                         

2.  Notice of Meeting and Proof of Distribution

3.  Report on Credentials of Delegates and Quorum

4.  Approval of Agenda

5.  Meeting Business:

-       Discussion surrounding the CCA sanctions against the OCA

6.  Adjournment

Essentially, it's calling the meeting to discuss the CCA-OCA tiff. Obviously, the board is trying to keep tight control on this meeting and it will be interesting to see if it will include the opportunity to ask questions or whether it will be a sort of Sermon from the Mount. 

It's also interesting to note that in addition to the Notice of the Meeting and the Agenda, there was a proxy form attached. Maybe afraid that they won't get a quorum? 

So if you're a voting member who received this invitation, how do you react? Do you even attend? 

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