Monday, September 10, 2012

New CCA videos. Only takes 4 seconds for obligatory beer shot to appear!

The CCA has put together a nifty series of six You Tube videos that deal with all the positive aspects of the Roaring Game. They have these in their titles: "Curling: Meet People and Play With Friends" and "Curling: Play At Any Age."

The pieces were done at the charity summer spiel at the Toronto Cricket, Skating and Curling Club and feature some faces you'll recognize (including a famous curling photographer) and many you won't.

Now the question is who is going to watch them? It's great to produce these and post them but if it's only curlers who are going to see them, then it's a wasted effort. It would be great if clubs could forward these to potential new members or show them at open houses, etc.

Here's another idea: maybe have some translated or subtitled into different languages so you can start expanding the demographic reach.

In this example below, there's lots of social stuff shown, including the obligatory beer shot which appears at oh, four seconds in. Cheers! You can find all six at the CCA's You Tube channel.


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