Friday, January 23, 2015

OCA starts the process of change

It appears the OCA is ready for change.

This morning at 9:30 in Midland, Ont., where the provincial Scotties is being played, the OCA will hold a meeting of players -- past and present and future (although I'm not quite sure how you determine future players) -- to hear ideas for changing up the playdown process.

This is a very positive step and the association is hoping for a progressive meeting. It's asked those who plan on attending the meeting to bring ideas for change and not dwell on what's happened or gone wrong in the past.

The meeting is being seen as a big step by players; many who are in the competition plan on being there. Rachel Homan and Lisa Weagle who aren't in the competition, see it as so vital, they're coming in from Ottawa to attend it.

Here's the notice that was on the OCA web site:

At the request of curlers the Ontario Curling Association will be hosting an information session on Friday, January 23rd at 9:30 am at the Best Western Plus Highland Inn & Conference Centre, Midland (room TBA). As a Scotties participant (past, present or future) you are invited to this session which will allow the players and OCA to discuss future plans for the competition and how we declare our Champion. We are looking for positive input in a going forward approach and not a discussion of all the past perceived or actual deficiencies in the playdown system. 

The notice goes on to say that the OCA will be embarking on a full review of all its competitions beginning in the spring. But the best news is that the association wants the review committee led by past competitors, although there will be delegates from various other stake holders such as OCA board, current players and ice technicians.

Presumably there will be a similar meeting at the men's event in Dorchester.

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