Friday, January 9, 2015

Deadspin shows curling highlight, has no idea what it's talking about

Oh Deadspin.

The great sports popular culture website posted a curling highlight -- the Maria Prytz triple for five -- from the WFG Continental Cup, which is great. Any coverage of curling in the US is good coverage.

And we have to admit. It knows that it doesn't know. Deadspin had fun with the fact that curling, to many in America is a weird thing they see only at the Olympics. And it messed up the terminology of the game in its report.

We're not talking double-raise, triple-takout terminology but rather the verb associated with playing the sport. You know, to curl.

Did you know people do curling (or whatever the proper verb is) in non-Olympic years? It's true. Here's proof.
No one in America knows anything about curling, but this is still pretty impressive.

You can read the whole piece here, and realize there's a very large tongue in cheek being used.

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