Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Music stops, players grabbing chairs

It has certainly been a busy spring in the player movement front, hasn't it?

Teams changing, players retiring, moving vans hired . . . and so far there doesn't seem to be too much in the way of bad blood

The latest news came in a Tweet from Paul Wiecek concerning Jeff Stoughton.

It's my understanding that of the top 15 men's teams, only two will not have any sort of change. I believe those would be the rinks skipped by Brad Jacobs and Mike McEwen. Anyone know any differently?

The women's side isn't much different. In fact, there are so many changes the CCA released a notice saying that Jennifer Jones team will remain intact for next year. I know that sounds sort of silly but when you think about it, both teams that won the Canadian titles this year will return as changed rinks.

Actually, for a good rundown on who is going where, we turn to McEwen who penned this blog for the Grand Slam site.

I wonder what effect that will have on the Players Championship getting underway in Summerside, PEI? Might be a bit like the curling version of The Farewell Tour.

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