Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Agenda for the OCA's meeting could spell fireworks

This Sunday is the special general meeting of the Ontario Curling Association, the one that was called by Dale Curtis, the former vice-president who was ousted from her position by the current board. The meeting is at 1 p.m. at the Mississaugua G&CC (NOT High Park which was the original location). For those planning to attend, please note there is a dress code at the club.

As of this morning, any notice of the meeting has not been posted on the OCA's web site. There is a notice about the minutes from the last SGM. Anyone interested in getting a draft version of those minutes can e-mail the OCA and it will send them on.

Below is the official agenda for the day. Although all the items look interesting, I suspect the afternoon will focus around items E to I. At the last meeting, the board had enough votes and proxies to control things. Will that happen again? And if it does, what will the reaction of the membership be? Already, we've heard from the Toronto Curling Association along with the Ottawa Valley and Hamilton and Area associations looking for some change. As well, the Canadian Curling Association will be heard from.

It is possible that if the board controls the voting and remains intact, it could very well mark the start of the end of the OCA as we know it. No club has to pay its dues to the OCA and it's possible there could be a move afoot to leave.

On the other hand, the current board might show enough that it will indicate some change will happen.

It should be an interesting day.

1.  Call to Order, Welcome and Explanation of Meeting Protocol                                                                                           

2.  Notice of Meeting and Proof of Distribution

3.  Report on Credentials of Delegates and Quorum

4.  Approval of Agenda

5.  Motion to accept minutes of March 30th, 2014 SGM as distributed

6.  Business

a)     Presentation of information from the “in camera” session of September 2013

b)    CCA Presentation

c)    What steps has the Board taken to insure this situation does not happen again?

d)    Explanation of current Policy Governance

e)    Board Action Plan on items from March 30th SGM

f)     Motion of re-instatement of Bill Rourke to Member at Large due to incorrect removal procedure

g)    Motion of re-instatement of Dale Curtis to Vice President

h)    Motion of non- confidence in President of the OCA

i)      Motion of non-confidence in Board of the OCA

7.  Adjournment

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