Monday, April 1, 2013

Jacobs: We Are Not Proud

Brad Jacobs took on the rather uh, unusual looking -- for curling that is -- Finns on Sunday and played one of the sloppiest games the team has had in some time. Despite that, he and his Canadian mates rallied for a comeback victory. After that contest, he told Monte Stewart of the Canadian Press that it wasn't a game they'll review as a how-to:

“It’s really not a performance that we’re proud of,” said Jacobs. “You never like to struggle like that. But, still, we came back, we fought hard, and we got the win.”

Jacobs gave up a four-ender to the Finns -- which feature a guy with dreads and another guy with a gnome-like beard -- the first four they've dropped in a this championship run. The TSN microphones picked up Jacobs telling Ryan Fry: "That's the worst end we've played in a long time."

And give the Finns credit: they played very well and called a strong game too. 

Then it was on to the Scots and it was back to their normal pattern of play for the Canadian squad. Here's a quote from the Al Cameron story  CCA press release: 

“We bounced back wonderfully (from giving up the second-end deuce). We got a deuce, we forced, we got a deuce, and that’s curling right there, at its best. That’s really the name of the game,” said Jacobs. 
“We did everything right today. After our first game, we ate lunch, we relaxed, we had a nap, we had a nice workout before the game. I think we all felt great going into that game. I have to give a lot of credit to my guys; they played phenomenal. They made it pretty easy on me as a skip. That was an awesome game.”

Scottish skip David Murdoch said part of the reason for their poor play against Canada was the previous contest. 

"Coming out after the extra end in the previous game and then having a 45 minute turn-around, we just weren’t sharp or came out the way we wanted to," said Murdoch. 

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