Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Every Day Is Father's Day For Team Jacobs

Terry Jones provides an early entry for the Scotty HarperAward with a fine piece on the family connections with the Jacobs team, where, he says, every day is Father’s Day.

Barry Fry and Eric Harnden sit in the stands here watching their kids at the top of the world in the sport that was their lives. 
“That’s the best part. When I was growing up my dad was my idol. Now the roles have kind of been reversed,” said E.J. Harnden. 
Eric Harnden, who was in four Briers representing Northern Ontario, is father of both E.J. and Ryan Harnden. His Brier teammate and brother Al is, of course, their uncle. 
And new third BarryFry? 
“I’m adopted,” he laughs. 
Actually, Fry’s dad Barry skipped Manitoba to the Brier winin 1979.

The elder Fry has memories of his kid tossing rocks in the early days and just how much he love it.

“From early on, once he got started when he was about eight, he just loved the game,” said Barry. “When you grow up in a curling family and the old man has accomplished a few things … well, I remember Ryan once telling me as a kid that he was going to do bigger and better things than I did.
Eric Harnden, who never won the Brier but did reach a semi in his home town before losing to Eddie Werenich, says his boys have come a long way.

“I remember the boys at the Brier in 1990 running around the rink and watching our games,” Eric said. “They were so young. Now to grow upand to be here watching them, it’s just so awesome.”
Even back then, he said, the little guys were chugging protein shakes (OK, not really).

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