Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Russians in the spotlight after Euro win

The Russian women's team that won the European Championships recently has been thrust into the spotlight as that country counts down to the 2014 Olympics in Sochi. The focus has been intensified on Anna Sidorova but also on the coach, Thomas Lips from Switzlerland who talked about the dynamic between coach and curlers.

“At the beginning they had to learn from my side what a game should be. But also I had to learn what kind of people these girls are. We spoke a lot together and I think we found a way how to work together. The main point was the confidence in each other,” the Zurich-born coach says.
Sounding remarkably like a guy who has read Coaching Psychology for Dummies, Lips said that the victory at the Euros won't add any pressure to the team heading into Sochi because pressure is just a bad word.

“Pressure is the wrong word, because it means that one would be afraid to execute,” he notes, adding that even if the girls don’t win any medals but finish fourth it will be regarded as progress.
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