Friday, December 7, 2012

Olympic curling facility behind schedule

Hmmm. . . this doesn't sound good now does it?

The arena that will host the curling competition at the 2014 Olympics is behind schedule. How far? Well, organizers cancelled the Cup of Russia slated for the end of the month. However, Dmitry Svishchev, the president of the Russian Curling Federation, said there's nothing to worry about. Yet.

There's no need to panic," Svishchev said. "The arena is Sochi is technically ready. All that is left to do is a technical examination."

Technically ready. Right. And technically, I'm eligible to compete in the Brier. But that's a long way from happening.

The Ice Cube Curling Centre is slated to host two big events next year. The World Wheelchair championships go Feb. 14 and the World Junior Feb. 26. The president said that the arena will be ready and not only that but that it will be the best curling facility anywhere in the whole wide world.

"I didn't imagine that a curling venue could be so fantastically well-equipped with first-class facilities."

Apparently that means it will have ice and everything!

The full story is here.

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