Wednesday, November 21, 2012

From Hay River to Scarborough

There may be no better national championship in curling than the one going on this week at the Scarboro G&CC in Toronto. It's the Dominion Curling Club Championship that pits club champions against club champions. It's an event that gives the ordinary guy a chance to experience a big time event and although it's only been around for a few years, it's been a huge hit.
While there has been grumbling over the years about just what constitutes a club curler and some semi-competitive players have advanced, it's stories like this one from Hay River, NWT, that really make this all worthwhile. Paul Delorey and his team from Hay River, NWT made the 3,000-km trek to compete. That was after the team had to go to Yellowknife for the regional playdowns and after they suffered a setback at their own club, thanks to Mother Nature. 

The curling club initially experienced some setbacks, including a leaky roof from the heavy snow storms earlier on in the season, making practices a challenge.
“We were on the verge of losing the ice because of the roof leaking,” said Delorey. “That took a lot of volunteer hours hauling water and took away a bit of ice time. It was kind of a worry leading up to this Dominion playdown.”

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