Thursday, November 29, 2012

Babies and Brooms

There are a lot of things that separate men’s and women’s curling – sweeping and the ability to throw the high, hard one come to mind immediately – but nothing can compare to motherhood.

As this article from the Moose Jaw Times-Herald discusses, trying to balance babies and brooms is like juggling six balls. It relates the current situation of Sasky players Stefanie Lawton and Marliese Kasner who welcomed kids into the world last year. Lawton’s team is playing in the Canada Cup this week in the Saskatchewan city and it means another week of balance.

“With a lot of support from our families, husbands, grandmas and mother-in-laws,” stated Kasner of the help they receive. “There is a lot of time management. My husband is at home with my boy. But, my mother-in-law came and watched because she wanted the break and to watch good curling.”

Of course there was another high-profile birth in the curling world recently, that of Jennifer Jones and Brent Laing. Jones is not back to playing with her squad yet, Kaitlyn Lawes still manning the tee for the rink.

Perhaps the best motherhood-curling story was that of the late Sandra Schmirler, who once breast fed her newborn in a media scrum.

’ve always admired the women who can manage to play at an elite level and still change diapers and get up for the 3 a.m. feeding. It’s nothing short of amazing.

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