Saturday, February 18, 2012

MIssing the big one

In case you missed it, this is a tremendous story on the losing side of big shots. Al Cameron (in an early bid for the 2012 Scotty Harper Award), talks to many skips about missing big shots and the resulting hangover. It’s a must-read with quotes from many of the best who've all missed their share of big shots. Including, of course, Cheryl Bernard. 
“But the thing about that loss, from what I know about me as a person, is it just spurred me on to get better,” said Bernard. “I mean, I took 100 per cent responsibility for losing that (gold) medal. . . . The only thing that has let me sleep at night and not hang myself is that I threw those shots the best that I could.”
Hey, he even digs up Joe Gurowka's name!


Only in Saskatchewan could you get a story about a football-playing politician wrapped up with a curling theme. Here’s MurrayMcCormick’s story on Gene Makowksy.
“Any person who does what he does in the community makes people love him more on the field,’’ said Amber Holland.


I know we all want to encourage mainstream US media to cover the American curling championships, but I still had to laugh at this report. Here’s the opening:
Defending champion Pete Fenson of Bemidji, Minn., rebounded from losing earlier Friday to score three times in the 10th end and eliminate John Shuster of Duluth 8-5 in a men’s semifinal of the 2012 USA Curling National Championships on Friday night at Aston, Pa.
Scored three times in the 10th? Hmmmm. . .


While we’re at it, the headline writer on this story might want to make a second try. Nodohin?


And while it’s been a while since Heather Nedohin has been at a Scotties, it’s been two decades since Kim Dolan made the trip. In fact last year, she was the volunteer chairperson of the Scotties in Charlottetown. Afun story about Dolan and her teammates (who happens to own my favourite pub in PEI, the Olde Dublin.)

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