Sunday, March 28, 2010

When Canada loses

Whenever Canada loses a big curling match, the finger-pointing and the blame game goes full-speed. Despite the fact the world is no longer Canada's to conquer at ease in curling, fans in this country seem to think Canada should win every time, all the time. Canadians start to question strategy calls and the talents of certain players. The suggest this person be replaced or that person is overrated. Everyone seems to have the answer as to what happened.
It's what Canadians do, unfortunately.
But you know what? Last night, Jennifer Jones just got beat, plain and simple. They didn't play as well as the Scots. Same thing in the Olympics for Cheryl Bernard, who admittedly had a great chance to win. But probably not enough credit went to the Swedes, who did win.
Give credit where credit's due. Scotland played well. Sweden played well. Canada lost and will do so again.

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