Thursday, March 4, 2010

Scottish championships drag on

I never could figure out this schedule. The Scottish curling championships started before the Olympics and finished after.

So before they left for Vancouver, David Murdoch and his gang managed to make it into the 3-4 page games. They’ll play Hammy McMillan while Glen Muirhead and Warwick Smith meet in the 1-2 games.

I say games because also of note – each of these rounds it best two of three.

On the women’s side Eve Muirhead plays the 1-2 round while Sarah Reid and Kay Adams meet in the 3-4.

I’m sure the Muirhead (f) and Murdoch teams are only too anxious to get back on the ice and play some more. And for Muirhead, if she wins, jump on a plane and head all the way back to Swift Current for the worlds.

I’m also not sure what’s wackier – this before-and-after national championship or the fact the page system is best of three rounds. Talk about dragging something out.