Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Michael Burns Sr. RIP

I was saddened to learn today of the passing of Michael Burns Sr., the foremost curling photographer in the game’s history. Many newbies will know his son, Mike Jr., who has carried on the tradition.

Mike Sr., shot Briers for as long as I can remember. When I did my book on the history of the Brier, I spent a day in Sr.’s archives, looking through some of the most remarkable shots from decades of covering the roaring game.

In addition to curling, Sr., handled photography at the racetrack and eventually moved his business out there to a trailer. He had been downtown for years.

And, something many may not know, but he also shot other sports such as hockey and has one of the greatest shots of the famous Bill Barilko goal that won the Stanley Cup.
There’s more in this fine obituary in the Toronto Star.

I will always remember Michael as being well-dressed and professional, no matter what the day or situation. He was truly an amazing guy.


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Unknown said...

Met Michael Sr. (and Jr.) for the first time at the 1986 Scotties in London, Ontario and then followed them down the highway to Kitchener to the 1986 Brier.

Renewed acquaintances year later with Michael Sr. at the St. Georges Golf and Country Club in the Monday night Men's League... and he remembered me!

It was a pleasure knowing him in person and through his tremendous lens. Amazing photographer. Should be in the Canadian Curling Hall of Fame and Canadian Sports Hall of Fame (if not already).

David Gravelle