Saturday, March 8, 2008

New Globe Column

Here's my Globe column for today, a look at the end of an era with CBC's farewell to the Brier after more than 60 years.
In this column, I never got into the differences between TSN and CBC but it's safe to say that the broadcasts are varied, mostly because the CBC is there for two games while TSN does a week of shows. As a viewer, I think you get comfortable with TSN, you develop more of a relationship with its broadcast because it goes on all week. It's somewhat more casual than the CBC and that's a good thing. When the CBC comes in, it becomes a big show, an event if you will. Nothing wrong with that -- it is, after all, the final (and semi). It will be interesting to see if TSN does anything different for the final next year. I suspect it will. I would also hazard a guess that most people prefer TSN's commentators to the CBC's. Again, I think a lot of that is familiarity. I actually like the CBC's team and I especially think Mike Harris is superb because he isn't afraid to criticize when it's necessary. Some weird synchro lady doesn't like him as you can read here, but judging by what she wrote, it's pretty clear she doesn't know much about curling. Or the real world.
And I love Linda, Ray and Vic, too. Hey, it's just one big love-in at this blog.
Interesting to see some of the picks for this year's championship. In the Globe this morning, I went way out on a limb and said Glenn Howard will beat Kevin Martin in the final. Al Cameron thinks Brad Gushue will get it done. says Martin is the betting favourite. Murray McCormick says it's Howard.
With the blizzard-like conditions raging outside here in the T-Dot, it's going to be a good day to spend with Linda, Vic and Ray.

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