Sunday, March 16, 2008

Draw the button, earn $1 million

How’d you like to throw one rock for $1 million?
You’ll have the chance next year and the details will be announced tonight on the CBC’s broadcast of the Tim Hortons Brier final.
Scooping TSN’s series of million dollar opportunities (i.e. the Kick for a Million and the Shoot for a Million), the CBC, Capital One and the Grand Slam are going to announce a Draw to the Button for $1 Million. I don’t know exactly how it will work, but from what I can tell, there will be a nationwide contest to find a curler who will attempt – probably at the Players Championship – to throw one rock with the chance of winning the cool million.
This type of event has been popular for the last few years. I was at the Argo game a few years back when some fellow kicked a field goal to win the million. The crowd reaction and the news of the feat went across the continent.
Then earlier this year, TSN did the same thing for hockey where a fellow put 16 pucks in the net from the far blue line to earn the money.
Now the same thing is coming to curling. Stay tuned to the broadcast tonight for the news.

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. said...

I hope, if this happens, wheelchair curlers will be encouraged to participate. It would be great for the visibility of wheelchair curling.

Eric Eales