Sunday, December 30, 2007

One more day

Oops. You won't find my column on Kevin Martin in Monday's Globe, and that's because I'm a big boob. Normally, I try to write my column on Sunday morning and then file it by noon. I'm supposed to have it in by 2 p.m. This week I was a little ahead of schedule. With nothing much to do last night, I wrote the column and saved it. I woke up Sunday morning and made a few minor changes then sent it in. Or thought I did.
Actually I did send it but I sent it to the wrong address, put a .ca on the end instead of the .com. thinking everything was hunky-dory, I went out with my son, did a little shopping and then went to see the new National Treasure movie. Being a good guy, I left my Blackberry in the car. When I returned, there was a flurry of voice mails and e-mails wondering where my column was. Oops.
So you'll find it in Tuesday's paper and probably on the web site sometime Tuesday afternoon.
By the way, in the 19 years that I've written my Globe column, this is the first time I've done this.

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