Saturday, December 29, 2007

Martin and Interviewing Curlers

Today I interviewed Kevin Martin for my Globe column on Monday. I called his cel phone and was surprised when he told me he was in Florida on a little family vacation. I guess going back to my previous post, this is one of the few times of the year a competitive curler can get away from the balmy temperatures of Edmonton.
I won’t scoop myself, but the column will deal with Martin’s streak of five consecutive Grand Slam wins.
Over the years, I’ve really found that Martin has really become a very good interview. In his early days, he was somewhat reticent to talk in anything other than clich├ęs or top-line comments. But over the years he’s better, more open and not afraid to speak the truth as blunt as that may be. He does, however, always do it in a positive way.
Most curlers are decent interviews. I’d say my Best Interview List would be made up of Ed Werenich, Wayne Middaugh, Glenn Howard, Martin, Randy Ferbey, Heather Houston and Marilyn Bodogh. I’m probably forgetting a few, but these folks always give you genuine answers that aren’t stock crap. Sometimes they give you something outrageous that just makes a writer’s day so easy. Other times it’s really just an honest answer.
In general most curlers are decent to interview and only a few that I’ve dealt with are really tough to get anything out of or are just plain boring or flat. I’m sure they’re not that way intentionally but it can make a writer’s job that tough.

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