Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Snaps of your Sleeps for Sandra

So what do curlers do when they retire from competitive play?

If you're Sasha Carter, you get involved in raising funds for the Sandra Schmirler Foundation. Carter is leading a fun campaign called Sweep To Sleep.

It's really quite simple. And loads of fun. All you have to do is take a picture that shows how you and/or your team sleeps. You can have fun with it, make it innovative, creative and even a little bit crazy.

From there, post the picture on Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #sandraschmirler -- and then go to sandraschmirler.org and make a donation. You can also challenge other teams to get involved! Call them out and make them take their picture.

Get your family and friends to donate and indicate your team's name on the donation page. The team that raises the most money, will have their funds matched by the foundation and will be provided the opportunity to personally present to a NICU of their choice.

Plus every team that donates will be entered in a draw to win a "Bobblehead" for each member of the rink.

The campaign ends Dec. 15! 

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