Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Masters TV ratings: OK in a crowded market

The Masters of Curling finished up last week with some good games and even a pretty dramatic shot by runner-up Mike McEwen (if you missed it go here and watch).

The men's final drew 307,000 viewers while the women's final wasn't quite as popular, bringing in 264,000. Both finals took place on Sunday.

That means it's in a class that's less than CFL but above soccer, including the game between Man U and Man City, which had 264,000 sets of eyeballs.

These are decent numbers for curling and I'm sure Sportsnet is happy with them. Anything on a Sunday before Christmas will always have to go up against NFL which saps the audience potential. There was also Skate Canada (Ice Dance, 487,000) and NASCAR (476,000) to deal with.

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