Saturday, February 15, 2014

CCA reportedly calls for meeting to suspend OCA

It appears that whatever the OCA sent to the CCA earlier this week, it wasn't what the national body was looking for. I have been told by multiple sources that the CCA received a letter from the OCA by the Monday deadline but that correspondence didn't satisfy the requirements to end the dispute between the two bodies.

As a result, the CCA has called a special meeting for March 11 at which time the other member associations as well as the national board will vote to suspend the OCA entirely. That means the OCA would be completely cut off from the national body. No money. No support. No national championships. No Ontario curlers into the Hall of Fame. No teams at national championships. Essentially, the OCA would not longer be recognized as the governing body of curling in the province.

And what does the OCA need to do to avoid all this?

Apologize. Offer up a mea culpa. Say we're sorry.

Now there is a groundswell of a movement building. Apparently several zone reps and a few other voting members of the board of the OCA have begun to organize a push for a Special General Meeting if, for no other reason, than to get some answers out of the closed-lip OCA board.

If you want to help push that movement, you can contact your zone rep and give your voice. Here is a list of the reps and their e-mail addresses. 

Presumably there is still time for the OCA to end this situation. What will be its next move?

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