Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Who will have a tougher time winning gold?

So a few of us knee-sliders were sitting around yesterday talking about the Olympics and curling. A question was posed: do you think the Canadian men or Canadian women will face stiffer opposition in Vancouver?

Interesting question, don’t you think?
In three Olympics, Canadian curlers have never failed to medal but only won gold twice, once for the men, once for the women.

My answer was that I think the women’s field is deeper and therefore they will have a tougher time winning a gold medal. I think there is a higher quality of teams on the women’s side and more returning top players. I would say that I think there’s more of a gap between the most talented team and the least talented, but still, it will be difficult to win a medal no matter who you are.

That doesn’t mean the Canadian women won’t win or that the Canadian men won’t have a tough time winning, but just the margin is tighter on the women’s side.
Thoughts anyone?


revRecluse said...

The women's side is going to be much, much tougher if last year's World Championships are any indication.

I just also wanted to say I picked up "The Brier" book last week and am deep into it and for an US Expat turned Canuck obsessed w/ Curling, it's invaluable as a definative history.

cdninusa said...

The biggest difference is the men play the Slams and only a couple of international teams get that opportunity per event.
When the likes of a Martin play Howard, Ferbey, Gushue, Koe every second weekend, it can only elevate a team's performance. Look at McEwen. He has played in the Slam events for the past three years. His record when starting was 0-5 or 1-4. Now he is very competitive and qualifies!
The Slams have made those that play in them on a regualar basis that much better!
Bill Todhunter