Monday, October 12, 2009

The Debut of Season of Champions TV

I finally managed to get through the CCA’s Season of Champions TV special which was supposed to go live last week, but ended up with a whack of technical difficulties and had to be taped and posted for re-broadcast.

Overall, I thought it was a pretty good effort and there was a lot of interesting content from the seven guests.

But as someone with some experience in this field through my golf work, here are my thoughts on this debut:

• Waaaaaaaaaay too long. I wouldn’t sit through an hour and 40 minutes-plus program like this if it was on regular TV and I’m not going to do it on my computer. It could have easily been broken up into two different shows, one for the men and one for the women. Web TV is not regular TV and shows over about 10 minutes results in people clicking away. I suspect very few people sat down and watched this from start to finish.

• The content was quite good, especially the men, I thought. There were lots of candid answers, such as Kevin Martin talking about how poorly his team handled things at the 1992 Games.

• It may have been wise to screen the guests on the questions. On the women’s side, the first two questions drew awkward pauses and blank stares from the four women.

• The hosts Jackie-Rae Greening and Jim Jerome did a great job at drawing good answers out of the players.

• But in the opening. . . . Jackie-Rae. . . jeans? This isn’t radio, you know.

• The audio in the women’s segment was all over the map. I especially had a tough time hearing Jackie-Rae, who sounded a bit as if she was in a tin can.

A good start and with some polishing, this could be a great addition to the CCA, not just for the road to Vancouver but for all the events.

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