Wednesday, January 7, 2009

WCF Reportedly Comes Out Of Nine-Year Coma

Great to hear that Sandra Schmirler has been awarded posthumously the Elmer Freytag Award. Sandra was an inspiration to many, myself included.
But come on, WCF . . . she passed away in 2000. Don’t you think you could have managed to make this award a little bit sooner? I mean, you’re telling me that there have been eight other people more deserving of this award than Sandra?
Some of the past winners include Roy Sinclair, the past WCF president who tucks his shirt into his underwear (can’t imagine how he won this award, can you)? Or Leslie Ingram-Brown? He’s some Scottish curler and volunteer reported to have one of the largest pin collections in the world?
Deserving? Maybe. More so than Sandra? Nope.
I’d tell you who some of the other winners are but the world’s worst web site for a major sporting organization – – doesn’t seem to have a list of them.
What a joke.


TCN said...

Hi Bob --

The WCF website is, not


BW said...
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BW said...

It's still horrible, GK, although I know it's not your fault.