Monday, January 12, 2009

Final Skins thoughts

Congrats to Randy Ferbey and the boys for picking up the cash at the Casino Rama Skins Game. While they were full measure for the win, it’s unfortunate the contest was still marred by some untimely picks or fudges. I’m not sure it would have affected the final outcome, but certainly Glenn Howard’s squad would have earned a few more dollars with what was a relatively easy draw in the sixth. That rock hit a flat spot and sputtered to a stop just over the hog line.
The seventh was also a strange one, but only because of that measure. Maybe my eyes aren’t what they used to be but from the overhead camera, it sure looked as if the Ferbey rock was a wee bit closer to the centre than the Howard rock. And I think they guy doing the measure (I think it was Bill Rorque (sp?)) needs a refresher course in how to measure stones. Finally, was I the only guy who noticed that the part of the measure that was in the pin hole seemed to be wobbling around quite a bit, as if the hole wasn’t deep enough or maybe wide enough to allow a solid fit?
What’s wild about the Skins is the pay day for these guys. Ferbey wins $70,000 and more than doubles his winnings for the year. Even Glenn winning $27,500 is pretty good. That’s more than any first place cheque they’ve picked up this year – and they’ve picked up quite a few.
FRUSTRATION FOR A MONDAY MORNING: The OCA hasn’t updated the results of the women’s regional playdowns on the web site. I’d love to report the winners, but Sunday’s final games aren’t posted. Ugh!

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