Saturday, November 15, 2008

CBC Bold?

OK, the first person to explain BOLD to me will win my undying appreciation. I missed Glenn, Gushue and my golfing pal King Korab and all the boys because a) I couldn't figure out what BOLD was and b) although said it was on the web, I couldn't find that either.
Oh, for the days when everything was simple with Country Canada.


catester said...

Bob, BOLD *is* what used to be called Country Canada. CBC changed the name and the programming (sort of) last Spring. If you get digital cable, you can probably get BOLD, but it will probably be a premium channel.

I was not home today so I don't know if somehow it was different, but in general when the CBC streams curling on their website you have to go here: and scroll down a little. There's a video player on the right-hand side of the page, and if you poke around you'll find where to click for the curling.

Well, I've *described* BOLD, but I don't really know if anyone can *explain* it. Still, I hope that helps. Thanks for the blog; I look forward to your posts.

Hawkeye said...


'bold' is the rebranding of Country Canada [the channel CBC bought which was already so named] ... rebranded when the CRTC increased that channel's sports programming allotment ... you remember, the allotment you pointed out was too low to allow the CBC to show all those round-robin curling games on when CBC had the Season of Champions contract. It's now and as was planned a second/alternate channel and was used extensively during the Summer Olympics. You got to get out sometime, get away from so much golf stuff. They could have rebranded it CBC2 ... but then that would look a lot like ESPN2 and TSN subsequently played copycat there ... and before you get too down on CBC for having a second channel, remember TSN now has one too, TSN2, and curling is going to get shifted there when hockey is on the main TSN channel.