Friday, November 8, 2013

The Pre-Roar Day 3 Clippings

First up, here’s the rundown from Canadian Press of what’s going on in Kitchener at the Ontario tankard pre-Roar, where John Morris and Kelly Scott have clinched spots in the Page Playoffs.

“Goal number one was to get through to that qualifying round,” added Scott about clinching a playoff spot. “You want to be in that A versusB game, but that sometimes doesn’t pan out. We couldn’t have scripted a better start to this whole event for ourselves.”

For those going through withdrawals, television coverage starts Saturday on TSN at 9 am ET.


Eve Muirhead is a talented skip with lots of credentials and her eyes on the Winter Games in Sochi. 

But, as with every curler who has ever thrown a rock over the frozen pebble, she knows what curling can do to you and how you feel after a game. And she stated that in an interview with the London Evening Standard:

“. . . at the end, your brain feels frazzled.”
I have always thought the same thing but usually "the end" means closing time at the Patch.

 The interview isn’t long but it’s well done and includes references to Muirhead’s golfing and bagpiping talents, which, in my book, makes her just about the perfect woman.


Speaking of women, there have been some reactions to the first Men of Curling calendar that’s been released this year. Christine Rivet of the K-W Record talked to a few of the gals competing at the pre-Roar and asked them what they thought. Some were OK, others were, meh!

"I'm not too surprised but I'm kind of amazed they all agreed to do it," Cheryl Bernard said.  
"I can't wait to see what the guys decided to do with their photos."  
Kelly Scott, whose team earned a trip to Saturday's marquee game, the pool A vs. pool B winner game, likes the idea. But for her, thec alendar falls into the category of Too Much Information.  
"We are married. We've got kids. We curl next to these guys all the time. Not interested," said the West Kelowna, B.C. skip.
 Of course next year, I understand there will be the Men of the Press Bench calendar, although I'm not sure how well that one would sell. 

You can order your calendar here.


 And finally, Gord Holder of the Ottawa Citizen has a neatstory on a Scottish curler now wearing Sasky colours. Kelly Wood came to the women’s world championship in Swift Current in 2010 and met a guy and, well, the rest is history. In fact, she's now married to the mayor! 

She moved to Speedy Rapids and while she can’t play in anything that leads to a world championship, she can compete in the Mixed, which is why she’s got the Green and White on this week in Ottawa.

“For me, I’m excited to play now that I’m in Saskatchewan,” Wood says. “That’s whatI have done my whole life. I’m a full-time curler. My life has been curling.It’s nice, now that I have moved to Canada, there’s an opportunity for me to have a glimpse of that (kind of) competition, related to what I’m used to.“I guess it’s now green and white colours for me, rather than blue and white. It’s my new home now, so it’s exciting for me.”

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