Monday, March 12, 2012

Brier TV numbers

Curling continues to provide huge numbers for TSN, putting it on the same level as the network’s coverage of CFL and NHL.

This year’s Brier final between Ontario and Alberta drew an audience of 1,135,000, just ahead of the women’s final. I actually would have expected a slightly larger audience considering a team from audience-rich Ontario was in the mix.

The preview show (which was very well done, I thought), had an audience of 408,000, also a solid number.

The bronze medal game had 330,000 viewers, which is large considering it was on TSN2, the network that doesn’t have nearly the reach of TSN. The women’s bronze game picked up 630,000 but it was on the main network.


sandybeach said...

Do they count on line viewers in the numbers?
If TSN would allow Canadians vacationing in the USA to watch live coverage on line I know the numbers would be huge. The snowbirds have to follow on line scores and then watch the game on VOD the next day....not complaining...just saying!

BW said...

Online number do not count but you're on the right track about letting viewers in other countries to watch.

Kelso Mallette said...

Do you have any information about viewership on RDS2 (I don't think anything was broadcast on the main network)?

It would be interesting to know how many people tuned in for any draws featuring Big Shot Bob Desjardins.