Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bernard team calls it a day

My column in the Globe this morning is on the breakup of the Bernard rink, slated for the end of this season.

Al Cameron of the Calgary Herald broke this story earlier this week and since then, there’ve been lots of great takes from different writers on this squad.

In reflecting on the team, I really had a hard time trying to place their spot in the history books. As an Olympic team, they are
something special for sure. And in winning the 2009 Trials, I really think they altered the game in terms of what teams must bring physically and mentally to the biggest games. They were just so prepared for that event and you could see it in their faces and their play.

But are they one of the great teams? Not in my opinion. Not that they aren’t very, very good, but I wouldn’t put them in the same spot at Sandra Schmirler or Colleen Jones or even Jennifer Jones. That’s because those in that latter group all have multiple national and international wins.

The one thing I will really admire about the Bernard team, however is their personality both on and off the ice. All four were professional and fun. I don’t think they ever took themselves too seriously. As a media person, Cheryl was exceptional to deal with, easily one of the best in the business. I think she had a great respect for what journalists have to do and how the press could benefit her rink. I think she’d make a great television commentator by the way (hello TSN?).

But I also expect you’ll see Cheryl back on the ice before too long. I think she’s got a lot left as far as curling goes. We’ll see.

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