Friday, December 17, 2010

My take on the McEwen Rink

Here's a story that took a little while to get into the paper -- you might notice a funny post-date reference near the end -- but is my take on the success of the McEwen rink.

these guys really seem to be enjoying themselves. Interesting, during the interview with Mike, I asked him with his financial success so far this year if he' treated himself to anything. He said no but it was going to be a very good Christmas for some people near to him. So if you're expecting a present from McEwen, expect a good one!


Digger said...

Good to see a new team.How many times can you watch Martin and Howard in the final?

Cathy said...

It's great to see a Manitoba team climbing the ranks on the national level - as Jeff Stoughton put it, not so tactfully, a couple years ago, there isn't a lot of good competition in Manitoba to help a team learn to get better.