Thursday, December 24, 2009

Your help for the decade in curling

I usually do a Globe column on the best of the year but this time I’m looking back on the entire decade. So I’m welcoming your help in deciding some of the following:

* Team of the decade

* Game of the decade

* Shot of the decade

* Quote of the decade

* Story of the decade

Leave me your thoughts and you might seem them in my next column.


Keaner said...

Team of the decade
Martin - Two Briers, One Olympic Trials, Countless Grand Slams

Honourable mention to Team Howard and Team Ferbey (two teams that have been together or close, for the entire decade)

Game of the decade
Dacey vs Ferbey in the Brier Final. Amazing comeback, there needs to be something released with the best curling moments, a blu-ray perhaps...I want to watch that game again.

Shot of the decade
Jennifer Jones inoff to win the Scotties. It's the shot of the decade, because of the circumstances. Last rock, last end, do or die.

Honourable mention to Martin's triple to beat Ferbey in the Alberta Provincials.

Quote of the decade
"Well this could be genius or it'd be one of the dumbest calls of all time." Johnny Mo, 2009 World Final

Story of the decade
Passing of Sandra Schmirler, it touched more than just curlers. Everyone across Canada was blown away when this happened.

I'm also going to add one.

End of the decade
This happened when Martin was playing with Walchuk and Sportsnet was broadcasting the slams I believe. Slam final Martin is playing Ferbey. In the 6th end maybe, Walchuk makes a triple almost quad, but the back one just hangs on. Ferbey then makes a triple on Martin's rocks. Walchuk draws button, Nedohin freezes, Martin taps for better angle lays 2nd and 3rd shot, Nedohin guards, and to finish it off Martin makes the inoff for 3. Brilliant!

BW said...

Had your game and shot recommendations -- both pretty obvious. Thanks for the others!

Huskers-For-Palin said...

Cinderella story of the decade: Team McCormick (USA) 2003 Worlds. The team came out of nowhere with a first-year skip, went 5-4 in the round robin, and sqeaked into the playoffs. After an epic game against Sweend's Norberg in the semis, they upset Jones in the final.

It was the first US gold in women's curling.

curlingcanada said...
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curlingcanada said...

Story: The fantastic amount of funds that have been raised for the Schmirler foundation. Curlers and non-curlers came together to make Sandra's legacy a success. My fav sight was teams at a Scotties selling the shirts off their back(they had worn layers of shirts) during the pass the bucket collection. It was a hit with fans.

Kevin Palmer said...

Team of the decade - how soon we forget? Martin has the edge these past 5 years, but Ferbey was the team the first 5, 4 Brier wins (5 finals) and 3 World Championships. Martin perhaps gets an edge because of his success in both recent years and being more prominant in the 90's - but as team of the DECADE that shouldn't matter.

Unknown said...

Shot of the decade
While Jones in-off in the 2005 Scotties was amazing and was for the championship, Martins triple to win the A final of the 2008 provincials (against Ferbey) is easily the best shot I've ever seen. It likely won't get the most votes simply because it wasn't seen by as many people as Jones shot in a national championship. Certainly Jones shot ranks very high on the list of best shots to win a championship, but Martins shot was so difficult, even Martin didn't see it as a possibility until John Morris pointed it out.