Sunday, November 1, 2009

How about a Brier in Toronto?

I’m writing a column on whether or not the success of the Grand Slam event last week at the Hershey Centre means Toronto could host a Tim Hortons Brier. Plus side: great arena and facility (patch attached!) at the Ricoh Centre, media centre of Canada so lots of attention, 23 curling clubs in TCA, most of any city in the country. Negative side: Has to compete with Leafs, Raps, et al, Canada’s most culturally diverse city with lots of folks who have no clue about curling, expensive for marketing and for folks to come from out of town.
What do you think?


meandsuzie said...

Torontonians wouldn't even support the Hamilton Brier which was only 40 km away. If the CCA thought TO could support a Brier- it wouldn't have given 2011 to London

revRecluse said...
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revRecluse said...

In the abstract, sure. In reality, it gets as many people as if it were held in Saskatoon, and even that's a stretch.

I do think they will give Toronto another shot to see if it's viable for future Briers, though.