Friday, March 13, 2009

Notes from watching a classic game

Notes I made while watching the game, easily one of the most memorable in my years of watching rocks go up and down a sheet:

* Guy who really impressed me last night: Marc Kennedy, man that guy can curl.

* Why oh why do people wave when they see themselves in the shot on the Jumbotron? Don’t they realize they look like idiots?

* Toughest job in the building: Cathy Gauthier – she had to watch the other three games.

* I was very disappointed to hear Glenn say after the game that it was the most fun he'd ever had in a curling game. I can't believe he'd rank that game ahead of our famous 1982 Ontario University Curling matchup where one of his players was so drunk he literally fell sideways out of the hack before he threw.

* Think the players were excited? Did you see K-Mart jump up and point out that chance for two in the fifth? Glenn’s shot had barely stopped moving when he was up indicating the tap for two.

* I loved after Glenn’s try in six (where he was trying to come around the high guard for two or possibly three) that K-Mart gave him the broom wave indicating a hell of a shot, and then Glenn came down the ice and talked to Hebert. Do these guys love this game or what?

* Have to give credit to the icemaker, Jamie Bourassa, for giving these guys the fabulous conditions on which to perform. Would have been disappointing to have this one on crappy ice.

* Worst line of the night: Linda Moore describing a shot by Richard Hart -- “The electrical contractor is trying to plug it up.” Gag.

* I have never seen Hart play two bad games in a row. That’s why I’m expecting him to be almost flawless tonight.

* Guy who got almost as much TV time as Martin or Howard – Jim “Hollywood” Henderson and his camera.

* Best part about all of this is that we get to do it all again tonight!

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Dave said...

Hi Bob,
Have you noticed the the score keepers often forget or don't bother changing who has the hammer after each end? Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. Why is that?