Saturday, December 20, 2008

Interesting comment

Just watching the Continental Cup (rant still to come). It's the seventh end of the mixed skins (mixed skins!?!?!) and there are eight points available. Linda Moore just made this comment:

"I thought we might see some lower-risk play as well with this many points available. You don't want to take a chance in giving up a skin."

Wow! This may tell you all you need to know about the difference between men and women's curling.

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Huskers-For-Palin said...

Was a bit miffed at the lineup error at the mixed skins. Russ should be red-faced over such an error. Jones could of made Martin's job a little easier, but ohhhhh well.

I wouldn't be surprised if this event gets ditched. I don't feel confident that we'll be seeing it in 2010.