Sunday, November 23, 2008

Grey Power for Players

Great news that Grey Power Insurance has assumed title of the Players Championship. This is a perfect fit for a curling event, which traditionally attracts an older demographic. In past, those out selling the sport have complained that because the demographic is so old, that it’s hard to attract sponsors. But these 50-plus folks still spend money and still need things so to me, that was always more of an excuse. Sure, it’s tougher to find the right fit, but that’s what selling is all about, right?
The funny thing about Grey Power is that about seven or eight years ago, it got into the sponsorship game and gave its money and name to several senior golfing events as well as a few curling events. Soon after, the organization was sold to ING and all the sports sponsorships were ended. Now it’s back in the game, which is good news for curling but you have to wonder what took these folks so long.

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Glen said...

The Grey Cup this year drew 2.4 million viewers. Doesn't the Tim Hortons Brier final normally draw more than 3 million? Perhaps these advertisers have been backing the wrong sport.