Thursday, June 26, 2014

Jacobs' Olympic ring stolen from Alberta hotel room

Brad Jacobs is a little lighter in the fingers today after the ring he was awarded for winning the Olympics was stolen from a hotel room in which he was staying. 

Jacobs was playing in a charity golf tournament in Boyle, Alta., and while he and pals were in the hotel bar. The Soo skip also lost his wallet, cel phone, watch and bracelet. 

“I hope that the idiot that stole it goes ahead and does something even dumber, which is try to get rid of the ring and hopefully it pops up, but I don’t know what anyone would do with that," Jacobs told CBC news. 

Jacobs has had trouble with rings before. 

This is not the first time a thief has stolen one of his championship rings. Jacobs said his Brier championship ring was taken from his home in an earlier break-in about a year ago. He later had it replaced.

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