Monday, March 18, 2013

Yorkton superfan hits Latvia

So what would possess a guy from Yorkton, Sask., to travel half-way around the world to watch the women’s world championships in Riga. Latvia?

The punchline might be “Have you ever been to Yorkton?”

But seriously, curling fans are like no others. They will go far and wide to enjoy the roaring game and Gord Holder of the Ottawa Citizen found one such individual here, cheering on not only the Canadians, but all gals.

Hans Madsen really stoodout in the crowd on Sunday morning, and not just because there were only about50 spectators for the early draw on the third day of the women’s world curlingchampionship. 
What set the 62-year-oldresident of Yorkton, Sask., apart was his jacket: bright red and bearing mapleleaf logos and “Canada” across the back. 
The Canadian curling teamof Ottawa’s Rachel Homan, Emma Miskew, Alison Kreviazuk and Lisa Weagle werenowhere to be seen, though. What, a member of the United States team wondered,were Madsen and his wife, Judy, doing there? 
“Yeah, but all the girlsare curling, and they put on a good show,” Madsen said after watching the U.S.lose 6-5 to Germany and his native Denmark fall 6-4 against Japan.

Now it's not like Madsen won't stand out in Latvia, not only because of his colourful display but because, ah, um, all the fans who have jammed in to the arena. It's not exactly a sell-out. 

And, hey . . . I have been to Yorkton and it’s very nice. 

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