Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Slam's TV situation

So at the end of the day what do we know about this Grand Slam situation?

Not a lot, actually. There’s a lot still in motion in this story but here’s what I’ve been able to glean through the day:

* The CBC is out as a curling broadcaster for the first time since 1962, when it rolled its trucks down to Kitchener to cover the final game of the Brier.

* Sportsnet has no plans to be in Dawson Creek to broadcast next week’s Grand Slam.

* The CBC says its decision is based on the fact that iSport owes it money and hasn’t paid. It says the amount is not in dispute and it pulled the plug as a last resort.

* iSport says the amount is in dispute, based on the quality of the broadcasts.

* iSport believes it is close to signing a deal with Sportsnet that would be each Grand Slam 30 hours of coverage, up from the CBC’s six. It was hoping to announce that today but said the snowstorm cancelled a scheduled meeting.

* The players haven’t received much information so far.

In any case, you can read my Globe story here:

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