Saturday, December 3, 2011

Fan code?

In case you didn't see this, Al Cameron has a great piece on the CCA's Fan Code of Conduct.

You can read the story here but apparently the CCA has been telling fans to leave their cow bells and air horns at home. Over the past few years, the Gang in Red Jackets has had complaints from fans who sit near the noisemakers, in some cases having to move them or refund tickets.

Wouldn't it just be easier to tell the complainers to turn their hearing aids down?

Is the CCA trying to turn curling into golf? And will it even ban those cool moose call cans?

This is a very, very, very silly move.


OneWetPig said...

A more elegant solution would be to create a Fan Zone, much like the Toronto FC "Section 113". Properly branded and marketed, it could be a highlight both for rowdy fans and non.

BW said...

That would be simple and, as you suggest, a great attraction. Major League Baseball does the same with Family Booze-Free zones. This seems like a case of catering to the minority and it won't help lower the age of the attendees at major curling events -- something the CCA has cited as a major issue for some time.