Friday, November 25, 2011

Where would you take the Brier next?

So after Edmonton, what’s next?

That’s the question I’m sure a lot of folks in the Canadian Curling Association’s bunker in Ottawa are asking these days as curling’s deep thinkers look for locations that will support a major curling event such as the Tim Hortons Brier. Of course Edmonton was announced as site for the 2013 edition. 

The problem is actually a success story. The Brier has become so big that those small arenas of days gone by just don’t cut it anymore. At least, not with any regularity. Couple that with the need to take over a major arena for some 11 days and the sites willing to welcome the event are few and far between. Hockey teams don't like those long road trips. 

So you have Edmonton and Winnipeg, two sure things. There’s Saskatoon, Regina and Calgary, which are also sure bets. And then? Well Halifax has been pretty good.

Hmmm. . . .

Ottawa? Hamilton? London? Victoria?

If you want to really walk a tightrope, what about Vancouver or Toronto? I used to think they were possibilities, but I’m less inclined these days.

The problem is you can only go back to the same watering holes so many times. The CCA has shown its willingness to go to smaller centres such as London even if the profits are quite as bountiful as say, Edmonton. But it can’t keep doing that and continue to operate in the black. The Brier (as well as the Olympic Trials) is the cash cow that keeps events such as the Mixed and the Senior alive.

So if you were in charge, to what city would you deliver the Brier? Where should it go? Where can it go?


Anonymous said...

I still remember the 2001 Brier and I think it was a big success. There are a lot of people willing to go watch. Plus the Civic Centre doesn't host a NHL team so moving the 67s shouldnt be much of a problem..

Anonymous said...

i'm surprised it hasn't already been mandated that each team be comprised of one french player. then we could go back to the velodrome and 80 sec ice!!!!