Thursday, October 27, 2011

Slam heads to PEI for rich finale

The official announcement of the Grand Slam’s Players Championship heading to Summerside, PEI, was made yesterday, with the city putting up $100,000 to get the event.

In the Summerside Journal-Pioneer (the story is here), Kevin Albrecht, the  president and CEO of iSport Media and Management which operates the event, and a guy who has done a lot for curling over the years, says this will be the largest cash haul in in the game.

“This is the largest prize purse in the history of curling. This is $370,000 on the line,” added Albrecht.

OK, so technically he’s right (as far as my memory serves me), but then his argument kind of falls away with the next line in the story.

Prize money includes a $100,000 purse for the men, a $100,000 purse for the women pluse $170,000 for the season-ending Capital One Cup.

OK, so I quibble a bit with the math and whether it’s a record but in any event, it’s still a boot full of money. And all the lobster you could want to eat! Woot, woot!


Another year and another calendar with the girls of curling. 

Paul Wiecek has a nice story on Kaitlyn Lawes and her decision to pose.

"This isdefinitely out of my comfort zone," said Lawes, who was photographedwearing a cocktail dress. "But I like how you can choose your own photosand how you want to be represented. And it's all for a good cause."

Nice that they're all classy these days and everything, but is it just me or does it seem as if the calendar has Jumped The Shark? Yawn. 

Oh, and have we ever seen a number that's been raised for charity through the calendar sales? Just asking. 


 Wiecek also has a great story on the logjam that’s building up in Manitoba women’s curling. Three great teams, one berth in the nationals. 

There has perhaps never been the kind of depth in Manitoba women's curling that we see today, and the current situation is reminiscent of the days when Manitoba men's curling was dominated by the Big Three of Kerry Burtnyk, Jeff Stoughton and Vic Peters.
The provincial final might be as good as the Scotties. Heck, it might be better. Cathy O, Jennifer Jones and Chelsea Carey are all playing well, with Cathy's team really in high speed at the moment.


The Cactus Pheasant spiel starts today in Brooks, Alta. Break out the nose plugs. A story on the field from the local bugle. 

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