Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Curling Couples

As mentioned in previous posts, I’m looking to my loyal readers for some help with a few topics I’m including in my next book, on which I’m working right now.
So today, I’m hoping to pick your collective brain for the best curling couples. I’m trying to get couples where the husband and wife have both won significant championships. So far, I’ve got:

Rick and Lorraine Lang
Pat and Jane Perroud
Dave and Heather Nedohin
Ian Tetley/Erica Brown

I’m sure I’m missing some obvious ones. Anyone care to chime in?


Jordan Keon said...

Wayne & Sherry Middaugh

Anonymous said...

Mark Dacey and Heather Smith-Dacey. They won the 2002 Canadian Mixed Title together. Heather a former canadian mixed and canadian junior champ for new brunswick. Mark Dacey 2004 Brier Champ.

Shannon Kleibrink,Richard Kleibrink won the 2004 Canadian Mixed Title together and won Alberta Mixed four times.

Brian McCusker,Joan McCusker. both won saskatchewan titles. Joan obviously did alot.

Jean-Michel Menard and Annie Lemay. Jean won the 06 Brier and Annie won Quebec five times competing at the trials in 01,05.

Don't know if they're successfull enough but...
Beth(nee Roach) and Blayne Iskiw.
Bob and Kristin Turcotte. Kristin won the 90 Scott + competed in mixed together. Heather and Jeff Hopkins won their provinces(with Mattatal,Adams). Kathy O'Rourke+Mark O'Rourke, Peter+Kathy Gallant won their provinces multiple times.

is that enough :p

Rowdy Scotty Pfeif said...

Marcel & Raylene Rocque

eng1 said...

Here's a new angle for your research Bob: Are Annie Lemay and Jean-Michelle Menard the first husband and wife to be in the Scotties and Brier in the same year? If not, I'll bet it is the first time both have gone through their provincial playdowns undefeated!