Thursday, December 20, 2007

Ferby and toe-sliders

By now, many of you know about the injury to Randy Ferbey. He’s reportedly injured his Achilles tendon, which can be a real bad injury, especially for a curler. He and the team are out of this week's Grand Slam.
According to one person I talked to, there was no injury moment – i.e. Ferbey didn’t jam his foot or bang it on anything – he just woke up and it was swollen. That’s a weird one, but then I’ve heard lots of weird ones, such as a guy on the PGA Tour who broke a rib sneezing and missed six weeks.
You have to wonder if something like this is a result of his delivery, all those years of riding on his toe. Or if it’s something that will hamper his delivery in years to come.
I’ve always wondered if the old Manitoba tuck delivery will eventually peter out since it’s not really something that’s taught. I’ve heard that there are still a handful of youngsters in Winnipeg that slide this way, but you have to think that eventually, we’ll see the last of the toe-sliders.

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